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Nano Materials
    1. Fullerene
    2. carbon nanotube
    3. graphene
    4. nano particle
    5. nano colloid
    6. nano fiber
    7. nano cellulose
    8. composite material
    9. highly pure material
    10. photonic material
    11. magnetic-functional material
    12. biocompatible material
    13. electric material
    14. thermic-functional material
    15. nano composite material
    16. nano ink
    17. nano coating
    18. Nanosurface material
    19. Stress-emitting materials (organic and inorganic)
    20. other nanostructured materials
Nano Evaluation & Measurement / Analysis Technology & Tool
    1. SPM/AFM
    2. electron microscope (SEM/TEM)
    3. ultra precision measuring instrument
    4. high efficiency, high sensitive sensor
    5. molecular imaging
    6. simulation, molecular design software
    7. near-field optical
    8. evaluation measurement and designing tool
    9. analytic tool
    10. piezo stage
    11. micro TAS
    12. Measurement of particle size and distribution
    13. Raman spectroscopy
    14. Cryo microscope
    15. Simulation and molecular design software
    16. Materials Informatics
    17. Support Tools Developed from Research
    18. Three-dimensional measurement
    19. Operand measurement
    20. X-ray CT
    21. In situ nano-analysis
    22. High-time resolution measurement
    23. evaluation, measurement, analysis research service
    24. others
Nano Fabrication Technology
    1. Mixing and stirring
    2. Dispersing technique
    3. Grinding technology
    4. Emulsification technology
    5. thin film manufacturing technology
    6. ultra precision surface processing technology
    7. etching
    8. laser processing
    9. electron beam, ion beam processing
    10. fusion/bonding technology
    11. priming charge processing
    12. nano transistor technology
    13. nano imprint
    14. inkjet printing
    15. next-generation lithography
    16. precision pattern printing technology
    17. contract manufacturing service
    18. Cellulose nanofiber processing
    19. others
    1. others
    1. functional hybrid material
    2. lightweight/ high-strength material
    3. highly pure material
    4. High-temperature superconductive material
    5. thermic-functional material (heat resistance/storage/conduction/insulation etc.)
    6. electric material (superconductors/dielectrics/semiconductors etc.)
    7. photonic material (EL/ LED/ Liquid crystal/ Optical disk etc.)
    8. magnetic-functional material
    9. biocompatible material
    10. catalyst
    11. coating material
    12. paint/ink
    13. electroplating
    14. resin
    15. film/sheet
    16. others
IT & Electronics
    1. quantum device
    2. photonic device
    3. next-generation LSI
    4. next-generation display
    5. virtual reality/ augmented reality technology
    6. data storage
    7. IoT/ M2M application & middleware
    8. artificial intelligence(AI)/ deep learning
    9. micromachine
    10. nanomachine
    11. CPS solution
    12. advanced semiconductor
    13. advanced sensor
    14. organic electroluminescence
    15. Robotic
    16. Haptics
    17. Miniaturized transistor
    18. Wearable device
    19. 5G related techniques
    20. Noise Suppression Technology
    21. Thermal management technology
    22. Development case using AI
    23. others
    1. regenerative medicine
    2. drug design
    3. DNA manipulation
    4. DNA chip
    5. DDS(Drug Delivery System)
    6. bio reactor
    7. health care chip
    8. biosensor
    9. others
    1. next-generation secondary battery
    2. fuel cell
    3. fuel additive
    4. lightening material
    5. coating
    6. vehicle sensor
    7. lighting
    8. display
    9. emission control system
    10. Thermal management
    11. others
Environment & Energy
    1. fuel cell
    2. solar battery
    3. secondary battery
    4. energy harvesting
    5. energy storage
    6. photo catalyst
    7. environment evaluation, monitoring
    8. environment sensor
    9. environment restoration material
    10. technology to reduce environmental pollutant
    11. biomass
    12. water / soil clean-up technology
    13. nano membranes
    14. nano structure catalyst
    15. Bioplastics/biodegradable plastics
    16. others
    1. medical images
    2. medicinal product
    3. medical/diagnostic device
    4. organ simulator
    5. wearable device
    6. medical robot
    7. care/welfare/assist suit
    8. cosmetic material
    9. cosmetic processing technology
    10. functional food
    11. food analysis
    12. food processing technology
    13. Biosensor
    14. others
    1. agriculture
    2. textile
    3. sporting goods
    4. construction
    5. aerospace
    6. information and telecommunications equipment
    7. biomimetics
    8. others

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