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■West Hall
nano tech / interOpto / LED Japan / Imaging Japan / MEMS SENSING & NETWORK SYSTEM / neo functional material / JFlex / 3Decotech Expo

■South Hall
ENEX / Smart Energy Japan / Energy Supply & Service Showcase / InterAqua / TCT Japan / ASTEC / SURTECH


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    1. I have visited ENEX in the past
    2. Information from the organizer
    3. Information from exhibiting companies
    4. Internet ads (listing and banner ads)
    5. Web search
    6. Newspaper and magazine ads
    7. Introduction from superiors, colleagues, and industry acquaintances in the workplace
    8. Knowing the "Energy Innovation Japan" held in Osaka
    9. Other
What is your purpose of visit? (multiple answer)
    1. To find services and solutions to reduce energy costs
    2. To find services for energy diagnosis and operational improvement
    3. To compare and consider the latest energy-saving equipment and equipment for replacement
    4. To find ideas that can be helpful for energy conservation
    5. To find related equipment / services for the introduction of renewable energy
    6. To find solutions for process management, visualization, environmental improvement, predictive monitoring, and etc. to improve productivity
    7. To research the latest trends toward the practical application of energy-saving and renewable energy technologies
    8. To find partners for energy technology development and system development
    9. To find a business partner for the energy business
    10. To find applications for digital technologies (IoT / AI etc.)
    11. To find environment and energy-related subsidies and grant information
    12. To plan to exhibit in next year exhibition
    1. 製品・技術の比較検討
    2. 製品・技術の購入や導入
    3. 製品開発のための提携先・協業先の開拓
    4. 製品・技術の導入・開発のための情報収集
    5. 特定の企業・製品の展示をみるため
    6. セミナー・カンファレンスへの参加
    7. 次回出展検討のため
    13. To visit particular exhibitor (Please fill out the exhibiting company name.)
How much does your organization budget for introduction of technology and equipment?
What kind of field regarding energy are you interested in? (multiple answer)
    1.Energy-saving support services and solutions for factories, building offices, etc.
    2. Electricity and gas tariff plans and new services
    3. Comprehensive energy services such as energy procurement, support for energy-saving operation of facilities, CO2 saving, and BCPs
    4. Utilization of lighting and air-conditioning sensing technologies and energy-saving control
    5. Measures for heat sources such as boilers, steam and heat pumps
    6. Building materials, reuse of energy, and technologies to reduce environmental impact related to ZEB/ZEH
    7. Support services and solutions for the introduction of renewable energy sources
    8. Promotion of renewable energy sources such as wind and hydropower
    9. Energy policies such as energy conservation, new energy, and electricity and gas system reform
    10. Solutions for electricity retailers, such as electricity trading systems and supply and demand management systems
    11. State-of-the-art energy management systems (BEMS, FEMS, HEMS)
    12. Energy resource aggregation using VPP, demand response, etc.
    13. IoT/AI in the electric power sector, use of blockchains and ICT-related technologies
    14. Power systems technologies related to DERs (Distributed Energy Resources)
    15. Current Trends in EV-Related Technologies (V2G, V2H)....
What do you expect of exhibitor? (multiple answer)
    1. Demonstrate actual machines.
    2. Please reside with a technician who can explain the performance and structure of the product in detail.
    3. I want you to be stationed as a responder who can consult about problems and propose solutions.
    4. I want to sit down in the negotiation space and consult with you.
    5. I would like to take an apo in advance and meet with the person in charge at the venue.
    6. Please provide details of the exhibition on the official Web site in advance.
    7. I want you to see at a glance what new products, services, and promising exhibits are.
    8. Please prepare materials that can clearly understand the merits of introduction and differences from other companies.
    9. I would like to know the estimated amount of the introduction of products and services at the venue.
    10. Other

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