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未定  Converting Technology Exhibition 2018
 Feb.14(Wed.) -Feb.16(Fri.), 2018 10:00 - 17:00 Secretariat of Converting Technology Exhibition 2018
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Printable Electronics
We highly recommend that attendees participate in the Business Matching to get the most out of their time at the exhibition. Admission is free, and the system is a valuable tool for increasing the number of visitors to your booth. It is also shared between all of the concurrently held exhibitions, allowing participants to meet organizations from a truly diverse range of fields.
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    1. neo functional material
    2. Printable Electronics
    3. 3Decotech Expo
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    Neo functional paper zone
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    1. To purchase functional materials and machineries
    2. To purchase devices and equipments
    3. To find subcontractors for manufacturing
    4. To find associate developers
    5. To find business partners
    6. To find information necessary for research & development
    7. To find about market trend
    8. To plan exhibiting next year
    9. Others
    Molding Resin Materials (PP, CFRP, etc.)
    Functional Paper/Nonwoven
    Metal Foil
    Inks/Coating/Inkjet Ink
    Coating Agents (hard coat, anti-fouling, anti-static, etc.)
    Nano-materials (cellulose nanofiber, carbon nanotubes, etc.)
    Additives (anti-static agents, plasticizers, surfactants, etc.)
    Adhesives/Adhesive Resins
    PSA/Release Agents
    Conductive Materials (anti-static agents, conductive polymers, metal inks/pastes)
    Insulation Materials
    Photocuring Materials
    Optical Components
    Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)
    Materials (screen mesh, mask, etc.)
    Other Functional Materials
Functional Film/Sheets
    Films/Substrates (PET, OPP, PE, etc.)
    Sealant Films
    Food Packaging Films
    Anti-rust Films/Transportation Films
    Masking Film/Protect Film
    Conductive Film
    Optical Film (AR, AG, OCA)
    Hard Coat Film
    Self-healing films
    Anti-static films
    Solar Cell Materials (back sheet, sealant material)
    Electromagnetic Shielding Film
    Adhesive/PSA Sheets
    Release Films/Release Paper
    Barrier Films
    Decorative Films/Release Films/Release Foil
    Home/Construction Films
    Secondary Battery Components (separator, electrode foil)
    Medical Tape
    Agricultural Films
    Other Functional Films
Processing Technology
    Coating Process
    Laminating Process
    Slitting Process
    Printing Technology (Gravure, Screen, Flexo, etc.)
    Sheet Cut / Die Cutting Process
    Gloss Technology
    Film Forming
    Decoration/Decorative Forming Technology
    Molding Process Technology
    Coating Technology
    Plating Technology
    Photolithography/Etching Technology
    Printed Circuit Forming Technology (inkjet, screen, gravure offset)
    Other Contracted Process
Processing Equipment
    Wet Coating (coater, coating die)
    Dry Coating (Deposition/Sputtering)
    Laminating (laminator)
    Printing / Related Equipment (Gravure, Flexo, Screen, Inkjet, etc.)
    Slitting/Sheet Cutting/Die-cutting/Winding
    Film/Sheet Forming (Extrusion, Casting, Blow-molding)
    Drying/UV Curing/EB Curing
    Surface Modification/Surface Functionalization
    VOC Measures/Solvent Recovery Equipment
    Material Handling
    Control System (web control, web guide)
    Web Defect Inspection/Measuring Equipment
    Clean Technologies
    Antistatic/Electrostatic Measures
    Measuring/Analysis Equipment and Systems
    Testing Equipment
    Peripheral Equipment and Materials (Doctor Blade, Pump, Knife, etc)
    Decoration / Release Devices
    Forming Machine (Insert Film Forming Machine, Overlay Forming Machine, Other Forming Machine)
    Micro-pattern Exposure Equipment
    Washing Equipment
Device / Component
    Organic TFT
    Inorganic Electro Luminescence
    LCD (liquid crystal display)
    Electronic Paper
    Fuel Cell
    Thin-Film Transistor
    Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)
    Ceramic Condenser
    Printed Memory
    Smart Label
    Organic Electro Luminescence
    Wearable Device / Sensor
    Solar Battery
Please list the areas or new technologies / products in which you are interested. (50 words)
Are you considering exhibiting in 2019?
    1. We will definitely exhibit.
    2. We are considering exhibiting and would like to receive a prospects.
    3. We have no plans to exhibit

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