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未定  InterAqua 2017
 Feb.15(Wed.) -Feb.17(Fri.), 2017 10:00 - 17:00 InterAqua 2017
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We highly recommend that attendees participate in the Business Matching to get the most out of their time at the exhibition. Admission is free, and the system is a valuable tool for increasing the number of visitors to your booth. It is also shared between all of the concurrently held exhibitions, allowing participants to meet organizations from a truly diverse range of fields.
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Material / Module / Parts
    Polymer separation membrane(RO, NF, UF, MF)
    Ceramic membrane
    Ion-exchanger membrane
    MBR(Membrane bio reactor)
    Filtering medium
    Adsorbent material
    Microbial immobilization carrier
    Water treatment chemicals
    Piping components
Equipments / Instrument
    Water(ultra pure water) purifying system
    Seawater desalination system
    Filtration system
    MBR unit
    Sludge treatment equipments
    Adsorption equipment
    Ozonizer / ozone water generator
    Ultraviolet sterilizer 
    Fine bubble / nano bubble generator
    Electrolyzed water generator
    Rainwater utilization system
    Pipeline maintenance system
    Measuring equipment
Plant (EPC, OM)
    Water purifying plant
    Seawater desalination plant
    Sewage / effluent treatment plant
    Sludge treatment plant
    Industrial wastewater recycle plant
    Energy friendly water recycling utilization technology (hydro power / sewage heat utilization / sludge utilization for bio gas, etc.)
Management services
    Operation & Management
    Pipeline maintenance management
    Water resource smart grid
    Project-support solution (assessment / monitoring / protection software, etc.)
    Water treatment remote monitoring system
    Comprehensive water and sewage charge system
    Ultra pure water supply service
    Groundwater utilization service
Disaster prevention / Disaster countermeasure
    Filtration system on disasters
    Sanitation measure equipment
    Emergency power source
    Emergency water inundation measure technology
    Distributed treatment system
    Submerged radioactive material measure equipment

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